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Tubeworks’ New Sheet Metal Housing for 9″ and 10″ Drop Outs

By August 17, 2016New Product

The Ultimate In Rear End Housing Weight Savings Is Here!

Our new all sheet metal housing is an industry first to be offered to racers and enthusiasts. By eliminating the heavy 4130 tubing we are able to drastically reduce the over-all weight of a standard axle by over 40lbs! Shaving weight from any unsprung weight item has many advantages. An intricate web of inner trussing provides excellent strength characteristics. A special heat treat process is used to strengthen each different metal thickness to its maximum hardness, preventing a compromise of durability that can occur when heat treating large sheet metal assemblies.

These new housings are already being used by both short course and desert racers alike. Each is methodically assembled, welded in CAD designed fixtures and uses our 2.5″ and 3.25″ snouts.


  • Heat Treated Housings – Multi-hardness treatment prevents a compromise of hardness in the assembly
  • Signature Welding – Specialty filler rods utilizing different material compounds allows the proper amount of layers to be welded to maximize fatigue resistance
  • Surface Grinding – All housing face plates are machined after all welding is complete, ensuring a perfect 3rd member to face plate interface
  • CAD Designed Fixturing – Mounts are accurately placed with precision by utilizing CAD programs and laser cut fixtures
  • Registers for Mis-Aligns – Each CAD Designed pivot mount features laser cut guides to reduce the load on the fastener and ease the assembly of suspension components
  • High-Strength Hardware – 3rd members are secured by high strength studs, preventing differentials hardware to loosen, strip, or pull through the face plate.