Tubeworks Reveals Innovative Third Member TW CrossTie X-LP

A New Approach to Third Members 

RIVERSIDE, CA. January 19, 2021- Tubeworks Inc. is excited to announce the launch of their new TW-CrossTie X-LP (Low Pinion)

A fundamentally different approach to the traditional third member assemblies. The TW-CrossTie X-LP can dramatically improve gear life through measurable improvements in gear position control and is designed to utilize the Tubeworks Championship winning DUPLX triple bearing pinion cassette / support.

The Patent Pending TW-CrossTie X-LP is designed with a constrained rotating girdle system that virtually eliminates problematic case / bearing cap spreading.  In addition, it constrains the ring gear to the pinion side of the case.  The ring gear is now pulling on the thick, structural side of the case.  A traditional third member the ring gear pushes on the opposite side of the case, past where there is a massive cut out. This physically spreads the bearing caps under load and is well documented.  In more specific terms, the system results in 92% less bearing cap load and stops case deflection.

More Notable Features of the TW-CrossTie X-LP:

  • Machined from aerospace grade weldable, aluminum alloy billet, the TW CrossTie X-LP has a reduced case structure and 24 lbs of weight savings
  • Aluminum alloy actually helps increase girdle clamp-up force between 200 to 300 degrees F, opposite function of a traditional billet or cast aluminum case.
  • Fits 100% of every existing Ford 9” concept housing with minimal to no housing modification.
  • Internally reinforced smooth pyramid type design that resists debris build-up.
  • Accepts all current 9, 9.5, 10’s and the new True 10 gears coming in 2021.
  • Empty Case weighs in at 11.5 lbs
  • Complete 10” 4.11 Assembly weighs in at 66 lbs.
  • Optional 3.812 or 3.25 spanner conversion rings allow ALL aftermarket differential / locker units to be used. {Loss of rotating girdle function will result}

Billet 10” housing kit is priced at $4450.00 and includes:

TW DUPLX triple bearing pinion support, Billet locking Yoke, ARP ring gear bolts, rotating girdle 36 spline spool system, all bearings, solid spacers, seals and hardware< minus Ring and pinion set.

Now available for purchase online at or by phone 951-784-7900

Tubeworks Inc. is a full service, design, engineering and retail manufacturing company based in Riverside, CA.  Incorporated in 2005, Tubeworks’ small, but talented team, made their mark building high-quality, custom rear axles for the professional off-road racing industry, including Desert, Short Course, and Ultra 4 Racing.  In 2016 Tubeworks expanded into the recreational SXS market with their drivetrain solutions line for all models of the Yamaha YXZ.   In 2021, Tubeworks is focused on maintaining their reputation in the off-road industry but also expanding to bring innovative, reliable products to the Jeep, Drag, Circle Track and Street Vehicle markets.

*Patent Pending TW-CrossTie XLP Ford 9/10 Inch Thirdmember