TW DUPLX Pinion Support:

For the past 3 years we have been testing our new DUPLX Pinion Support with some of the toughest racers in the Industry.  Achieving over 50,000 (race logged miles) with hundreds of Trophy trucks and multiple Ultra 4  Race teams using reverse rotation application.  These tests have shown that the new design virtually eliminates nose bearing failure, and dramatically improves gear life.

Rather than focusing on what happens when pushing the ring gear, we focused on what happens when a truck is being downshifted, (ring pulling the pinion)  or when a pinion gear is pulling the ring gear forward (coast side drive application).  Through our testing of traditional supports we found and were able to document over 0.060″ of linear gear movement towards the ring gear, when a taper roller set is utilized behind the yoke.  This movement wedges the pinion into the ring gear, into the load bolt and overloads the nose bearing. Backlash now is gone, and the gear is in a full mechanical bind condition.  At this point, the main cap studs can fail due to the overload.  All this movement is caused by the minimal effort it takes to push a tapered bearing deeper and deeper into the bearing race.  However, by utilizing a “Dual” high angle precision CNC type spindle bearing set at the yoke side we were able to stop this movement completely.  The results have been remarkable

DUPLX Pinion Support Notable Features:

  •  Same yoke position as standard pinion support (No added length)
  •  Mechanical Pinion lock nut system
  •  Ribbed supports ( to address driveshaft whip loads)
  •  Steel fastener seats for pinion support bolts.
  •  Same setup shim height as standard support.
  •  200% more effective bearing spread
  •  10X pinion position thrust control
  •  Can be used with all large pinion Ford 9”, 9.5”, and 10” gear sets
  •  Repeatable reduction of Differential Temp.
  •  Fits all aftermarket 9″ and 10 ” thirdmember cases

*** Also requires Tubeworks 1350/1480 Yoke and Yoke Caps ***