TW Manual Clutch Mod Complete Kit Package



This Kit has EVERYTHING you need to bulletproof your Manual clutch system (non SS).  Our patented forced oil cooling mod. delivers the optimal amount of oil to cool and lubricate your clutch. Our 11 pack steels and frictions maximize clutch traction.  This results in longevity, increased durability, as well as more power to your machine.  Our TW reusable metal core clutch gasket replaces the one time use paper gasket, and our Billet Clutch Retaining Ring prevents any flex in the clutch system preventing potential slippage. We stand behind this complete clutch kit package with a nine month no questions asked warranty.  This system will handle up to 18 pounds of boost.

Complete Package Includes:

  • Hard Plated Wet Clutch Hub
  • Complete Pack of TW Steel and Friction Plates
  • TW Billet Clutch Retaining Ring
  • Premium Clutch Bolts
  • TW Reusable Clutch Gasket
  • TW Dual Diaphragm Springs

Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 6 in