TW WIDE RATIO Kit-DIY (45/15/1)



Our 45/15/1 wide ratio reduction kit gives you the power you need while still retaining the high MPH that the makes the YXZ so popular.  1st gear is reduced 23% to add 45% more torque to the tires to get you out of those sticky situations.  With the 15% 2nd to 5th gear reductions, a 31″ tire will the the same acceleration as the stock 27″ tire.  The 23% 1st gear reduction allows you to move the vehicle around slower and load on your trailer with confidence.  This kit also includes the optional 9% overdriven 5th gear for low RPM cruising or for potentially 100 mph + top speeds, *if you have the horse power.  This kit requires no machining and can be dropped right into your transmission.


  • 45% more torque to the tires in 1st gear for ease of loading and moving around slower
  • Can use bigger tires without experiencing sluggishness
  • Overdriven 5th gear gives you top speed at lower RPMs for Highway miles and long trips


  • 23% Reduction 1st gear/45% increase in torque
  • 15% Reduction drop set for 2nd-4th gear
  • 9% Overdriven 5th Gear
  • TW Clutch Mod Kit
  • TW External Oil line Kit
  • TW Re-usable Steel Core Clutch Gasket